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High-purity hydrochloric acid

Chemical formula: HCl

Specification: HG/T2778-2009

Item Superior First-class
HCl %≥ 31.0 31.0
Ca mg/L ≤ 0.20 0.50
Mg mg/L ≤ 0.05 0.1
Fe mg/L ≤ 0.30 2.0
Residue on evaporation mg/L≤ 15.0 30.0
Free chlorine mg/L≤ 20.0 40.0

Properties: Colorless liquid, easily volatile. 

Uses: An important industrial raw material, with wide range of application. 
1.Chemical industry: used in the production of inorganic compounds, such as NH4C CaCl2 BaCl2, etc.
2.Metallugric industry: used in rust removal, wet metallurgy, etc. 
3.Food industry: forbidden 
4.Light industry: fiber dyeing, electroplating, etc. 

Packing: Tank car lined with acid resistant rubber or GRP tank car, or packed by plastic drum.

Notes: 1.Easily volatile 2. Strongly corrosive 3. Handle it with adequate ventilation.

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